Nightmare Kart

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Nightmare Kart Overview

Game Information

Nightmare Kart is a fan-made kart racing game heavily inspired by the gothic horror world of Bloodborne. Originally called Bloodborne Kart, it went through a bit of a metamorphosis before release.

Bloodborne Inspiration:

The game captures the atmosphere and characters of Bloodborne, but with a much more lighthearted twist. Imagine Gehrman zipping around the Hunter's Dream on a tricked-out kart.

PS1 Throwback:

Nightmare Kart features a retro aesthetic, aiming to capture the feel of classic Playstation 1 games. Think chunky polygons and pixelated glory.

Name Change:

Due to trademark reasons, the game had to be rebranded from Bloodborne Kart to Nightmare Kart before it could be officially released.
Despite the name change, Nightmare Kart offers a unique blend of Bloodborne's world with wacky kart racing fun. It's a labor of love by developer Lilith Walther and a great example of fan-made creativity.



Nightmare Kart isn't just a straight-up racing experience. It incorporates elements of combat racing, allowing you to unleash power-ups and attacks on your opponents. Imagine pelting your rivals with pebbles or throwing down blood vials for a speed boost – all while maintaining that Bloodborne aesthetic.

Nightmare Kart game's plot:

The game boasts a full campaign mode, challenging you to race through gothic landscapes inspired by Bloodborne's locations. There are also boss fights to conquer, adding another layer of complexity.

Selection Variety:

Nightmare Kart offers a decent selection of playable characters, with 21 racers to choose from. Each racer presumably has their own unique kart as well, bringing some variety to the competition. Track diversity seems good too, with 13 tracks spread across the campaign and other potential modes.

Multiplayer Mayhem:

Nightmare Kart doesn't forget the fun of local multiplayer. You can battle it out with friends in split-screen mode, adding a whole new dimension to the spooky racing chaos.

How to play Nightmare Kart?

Play Nightmare Kart Online

Nightmare Kart is avaiable browser online version at: and also downloadable game for Windows PC.

It utilizes a "pay-what-you-want" model on, allowing players to decide what the game is worth to them. There's also a Steam listing, though its release date seems to be up in the air.

Game Control

  • Acceierate: W key
  • Brake/Reverse: Left Shift
  • Drift: Spacebar
  • Use Power Up: Up key
  • Drop Power Up: E key
  • Boost: Down key
  • Look left: Left key
  • Look right: Right key
  • Pause: Escapce key
  • Home: Z key

Nightmare Kart appears to be a charming and creative fan project. It injects humor and lightheartedness into the dark world of Bloodborne, while offering a unique blend of racing and combat mechanics. With its PS1-inspired visuals and multiple modes, it seems like a fun experience for Bloodborne fans and casual racing enthusiasts alike.

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